Happy Owners and Happy Dogs


Hollie knows how to POSITIVELY train…

First I’ll say Hollie is simply amazing at what she does, hands down! Read on if you want more details…. I’ve never had an experience like this with a dog trainer. With our training package, Spot’s Life, Hollie literally customized each training session based on what I or Sterling needed at the time. Then she followed up with an email detailing what was covered during our session and daily training exercises to be completed over the next week. Hollie knows how to POSITIVELY train people and pups. She is kind, respectful, positive, dependable, honest and flexible. The results have been truly amazing.

— Karen Nelson


From the bottom of our hearts, Thank You!

Finding and employing Hollie Robinson at Training Spot was the best time and money spent, to save are Cody from the worst possible outcome. He no longer bites and is a lot less hyper now. The knowledge and training not only for Cody, but for us as well, that has taken place over six weeks, now provide my wife and I the confidence to take Cody anywhere we like. We now have a beautiful little gentlemen. From the bottom of our hearts, Thank You Hollie we love you!

— Melodee & Phillip Worley


You gave us freedom…

I am soooo happy we met you and that you had a vision for working with our family; and when that plan kinda blew up a bit you changed everything in a day to make it work again. You gave us freedom to take DD ANYWHERE at anytime and when we lost her you where our first call a biggest supporter. Now with a new member of the family you have created an entirely new plan and have tailored a training cycle to our crazy lives!! We can’t recommend or thank you enough!

- Kent and Ashley Christopher


We have an amazing bond…

Lily is the most amazing dog now! She can now walk on a leash, heel off-leash, come when called, sit & down stay and most importantly we have an amazing bond. Lily LOVES training and we can’t wait to see what we can learn next.

- Dee McFarland


Book Hollie with confidence…

Anyone that works K9s understands that education in the industry is a lifetime process. Every dog is different and you need a large quiver of skills to truly be a master trainer…Hollie is not only a fantastic trainer and individual, she is dedicated to the progression of her skills working with both K9s and their humans. Book Hollie with confidence and enjoy the experience

— Chris Williams,

Run your Pack


Best dog and people training around!

Not every dog is the same and not all owners are the same. Instead of being in a "one approach fits all" setting Hollie's individual approach allowed us to focus on the training our dog and we, as owners, needed. We had the time to learn and train at the pace we needed. Best dog and people training around. Thank you!

— Dieter Leipf