We’re ready, are you?


Hollie Robinson

• Plays well with others.

• Enjoys cold beer on hot days.

• No longer barks at strangers.

Certified Top Tier K9 Pet Dog Trainer.

I have been training dogs professionally since 2016 and love watching owners and their dogs succeed. Life with a reactive dog, an young puppy, or a newly adopted dog that doesn’t listen is stressful! I am passionate about coaching you, so you can learn to enjoy your dog again!

pack hollie and road.jpg

The Pack

Omar Little, my black German Shepherd.

Winter the Pooh, aka Pooper, our Golden Retriever.

Fred, the Vizsla, has asked that you please don’t judge him. He just likes to sit like an awkward munchkin.


My Family

I couldn’t do what I do with out my beautiful wife, Jill Hardy, supporting me behind the scenes.