Dog Training Programs


An Open Letter to Busy Dog Owners:

While everyone else in the office is celebrating TGIF, you're reluctantly cruising into the weekend knowing there’s still a bazillion things piling up throughout the week. Including your Dog. Despite basic training and trying to do everything right with your dog, it doesn't change the fact you're working full time AND still have to wear your super hero cape on the weekends. Literally, your dog's getting the back burner and you are wedged in a REAL catch 22.

It has nothing to do with your lack of motivation, will power, or level of commitment to your Dog. It's just the realities of life. But boy does guilt have a crazy way of sneaking into your brain, despite the fact you're KILLING it in your professional life.

So, that critical respite you need during the weekend gets eroded by what feels like increased demands on you once you're home. We attempt to play catch up with our dogs over the weekend, burn ourselves out by trying or through guilt, only to start the whole cycle over again Monday.

This EXACT pattern is why Dog Trainers received MOST of their calls from new clients on Mondays and Tuesdays. Too frequently people wait until their emotional breaking point and finally reach out for help.

I FEEL you, I know what you're struggling with and there's some creative solutions all of my clients wish they knew long before they picked up the phone. Things like simple enrichment activities that work WHEN YOU'RE AT WORK. Learning how create more fulfilling interactions with your dog so you're not battling TIME. Getting your dog on a Wellness Plan that can include having a trainer take a ton of stress off your shoulders and back to enjoying your dog.

And your weekends again.

If you're struggling and you know it, reach out to me, or another professional this weekend. A plan that will FIT your lifestyle AND dog is literally just a phone call away.

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Customizable Training Programs

Professional, 21 Day Board and Train: It takes 21 days to create a habit! Let me do the heavy lifting and get you started out right! This program is only available to a select few. If your interested, contact me and we’ll discuss your dogs enrollment.

Professional, Mini Board and Train: Four day mini board and train. This will make your job much, much easier. I’ll keep your dog Monday-Thursday and return them to you with lessons on how to continue the process at home!

DIY Board and Train: I’ll teach you how to conduct a board and train program in the comfort of your own home!

Fusion Courses: My programs come with the addition of online courses. This will allows me to teach the human end of the leash so much more effectively! It also allows you to learn when ever you have a free min!